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"The great principles of education are unchanged. 'They stand fast for ever and ever' (Psalm III:8); for they are the principles of the character of God."

—Ellen G. White
Education, p. 30

Countdown to a New School Year
Get readty for the start of another exciting year as EJA prepares to launch the 2014-15 academic term.

Opportunity Scholarships
It's not too late to enroll your children. This year we welcome our first recipients of the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship. There's much to praise God for. To complete your process, check to see EJA in the list of non-public schools then complete the Parent Endorsement form no later than August 5.

Village Partners
Whether you have children at EJA or not, you can be a part of our support team. Become a Village Partner and support the school for as little as $1 per day. It will make a big difference.


1225 N. Cleveland Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
At Ephesus Junior Academy, our holistic approach to education trains and develops the body, mind and spirit. We bring together the village of teachers, parents and dedicated supporters of Christian education to enrich the academic experience of our students. Also, through faith-centered teaching, we seek to bring each child to a full and saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Since 1957, parents have been choosing Ephesus Junior Academy to provide a foundational education that sets their children on a path to true success and productivity. We invite you to make the same choice - the right choice for quality Christian education:
Ephesus Junior Academy.
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The Right Choice for Christian Education