1.  ADVENTIST EDUCATION:  Learn about the curriculum used in Adventist education.  Parents and students will find the NAD standards for all subjects and the textbooks for each subject.

2. EDUCATION:  Read the online version of the book authored by Ellen G. White, Education.  This book provides the foundation for understanding the values and beliefs of Christian education.

3. EMPOWERING PARENTS: For expert parenting tips, advice, and help.  Parents and families (e.g. single parent, blended, etc.) are able to receive child behavior help that ranges from various topics.

4. IXL:  For academic support and mastery of math and language arts skills.  IXL is an immersive learning program for students in grades K-12.  Students are able to personalize their learning and receive practice language arts and math.

5. NATIONAL CENTER FOR LEARNING DISABILITIES:  Learn about the National Center for Learning Disabilities, an organization that exists to improve the lives of children and adults with learning and attention issues by empowering students and parents, and advocating for them.  This site provides information to parents and educators about learning and attention issues such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, etc.

6. NORTH CAROLINA OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIPS EDCHOICE:  Learn and apply for the Opportunity Scholarship.  The Opportunity Scholarship Program provides funding of up to $4,200 per year for eligible children who choose to attend a participating nonpublic school such as Ephesus Jr. Academy. 

7.  RENWEB:  For access to the parent log-in portal and get information about student grades, assignments, absences, etc.  Please use this link to view ParentsWeb Overview and Introduction video.

8. SPELLING CITY:  Study and learn spelling and vocabulary words with engaging and interactive games and activities.

9. SOUTHERN UNION:  Learn about the criteria for "School of Excellence."  In addition, receive valuable information about Adventist education and resources for educators, parents, students,and pastors.